Vox MVX150C1

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Vox MVX150C1

The MVX150 series represents a next frontier of amplifiers, one that challenges the established conceptions of large tube amps and costly boutique amps. While preserving the basic structure of a vacuum tube, Nutube has eliminated the problematic aspects of tubes, and succeeded in creating a dream device that’s compact, consumes little power, and has a long lifespan. This amazing device has already been used in the MV50 small head amp as well as in a variety of musical instruments. The MVX150 series is the culmination of this technology. In order to fully express the potential of the Nutube, both the pre-amp and power amp sections feature a Nutube. The newly designed power amp uses NuPower technology, and attains sound quality and stunning power that surpasses conventional tube amps. The two-channel design covers a wide range of sounds from clean to high-gain, and everything in between. The MVX150 also features useful functionality such as a WET ONLY output for the on-board reverb and effects send/return. Additionally, the combo-type MVX150C1 specially features a UK-made Celestion Redback speaker that covers a broad range of frequencies and can handle the high output of the MVX150. The MVX150 series represents a new frontier of amplifiers, one that challenges the established conceptions of large tube amps and costly boutique amps. 150W amp equipped with a Nutube vacuum tube in both the pre-amp and power amp sections. Two-channel design covers a wide range of tones, from pure clean sounds to modern hi-gain. Combo amp features a UK-made Celestion Redback speaker.

Parameters and specifications


150 W


1x 12 "

Speaker Type

Celestion G12H 150 Redback

Number of Input Ports


Battery Powered


Effects Loop




Footswitch Included


Footswitch Input Port


Headphone Output Port


MIDI Interface





1x Nutube 6P1

Power-amp Electronics

1x Nutube 6P1

External Speaker Cabinet Output


DI Output



2x Gain, 2x Volume, 2x Master, Tone, Treble, Middle, Bass, Reverb, Presence, Resonance

Number of Channels


Power (Watt)


Made in


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