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Motu 8A

Thunderbolt/USB3/AVB Ethernet audio interface with DSP and mixing. Equipped with renowned ESS Sabre32 Ultra™ DAC technology, the 8A has the same award winning analog audio quality and proven performance as MOTU's flagship 16A interface - packed into a mobile half-rack enclosure. You get 8 x 8 balanced analog, 8-channel ADAT optical and independent headphone out for 16 inputs and 18 outputs. The optical ports also support stereo TOSLink (optical S/PDIF). Renowned ESS Sabre32 Ultra™ DAC technology delivers 123 dB dynamic range and the same proven, award-winning audio quality as MOTU's flagship 16A. The 8A delivers round-trip latency (RTL) performance as low as 1.6 ms at 96kHz over Thunderbolt™ - and an astonishing 1.9 ms over USB - with high-performance DAW hosts. Connects to your computer with Thunderbolt™, super-speed USB 3.0 or AVB/TSN Ethernet - with support for up to 256 audio channels (128 in and 128 out). USB audio class-compliant firmware and high-performance, industry-standard drivers work with any audio apps. Connects to your iPad™ with a standard camera connection kit (adapter). The 8A's full-fledged 48-input digital mixer delivers 7 stereo aux busses, 3 groups, access to 64 network inputs, and DSP effects, including reverb, 4-band EQ, gate and compression. If you know your way around a large-format mixing console, you'll feel right at home. If you've ever wished to mix on a large console, the driver's seat is now yours. Classic reverb. Compression modeled after the legendary LA-2A compressor. EQ modeled after British analog console EQs. The 8A's mixing and effects DSP engine delivers virtually unlimited headroom and the utmost in sound quality. Send any input to any output, or multiple outputs. Includes routing to and from the computer, plus any devices on the audio network. The software that you use to control the 8A doesn't reside on your hard drive. It's a web app served from the hardware itself. This means you can control the 8A's on-board DSP, mixing, device settings, and network audio routing from your favorite web browser on a laptop, tablet or smartphone connected by wire or Wi-Fi to your local area network. Use any web client on any platform - Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android - as long as it shares the same network.

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Muy buen sonido, multiples posibilidades de conexión y ampliable a medida que el estudio va creciendo. En mi caso la ocupo para suma y la latencia es bajísima. En fin, mas contento no podría estar.

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