Boss DS-1X Distortion

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Boss DS-1X Distortion

Special edition distortion effect pedal for electric guitar with next-generation sound, feel, and tonal response. Its all-new design provides a superior playing experience that is unattainable with analogue distortion pedals. Powerful real-time Multi-Dimensional Processing (MDP), realized with proprietary technology and custom DSP, adapts to the playing to provide ideal distortion tones in every register and allows for enjoying perfect sounds over the entire fingerboard, from tight, crisp tones on the low strings to fat, singing tones on the highest notes. Pedal delivers high-clarity distortion sound that is never muddy or boomy, even when playing two or more notes at the same time, and is ultra-responsive to volume changes and picking dynamics. It provides very low noise operation, even with high-gain settings. Pedal features dedicated Drive, Low and High controls that offer a wide range of sound shaping not found in typical stompbox pedals, plus a Distortion control, a Check indicator that also serves as battery check indicator and is powered by 9V battery (included) or optional power adaptor. It also delivers a striking appearance with exclusive chrome knobs and control plate, plus vintage silver knob for battery compartment access. Dimensions: 73 x 129 x 59 mm. Weight: 450 g

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Level, Low, High, Distortion

True Bypass


UK/EU Adapter included



1x Mono


1x Mono

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