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MOOER Reecho Pro

Guitar effect Stereo Digital Delay pedal. 6 delay types: Digital. Analog. Real Echo. Tape Echo. Tube Echo. Galaxy. 4 effect types: Normal. Mod. Dynamic. Reverse. Tap tempo footswitch. Footswitch for Delay on / Rec / Play. Integrated 20 sec. Looper. Preset mode: store one preset with favorite delay settings and recall it any time. Ping-Pong-Delay mode for alternating delay signal on the outputs. Controls for delay time, dry signal level, delay level, low cut, high cut and feedback. Tap Tempo LED indicates delay speed. Preset LED. Effects trail on/off switch (Trails On: Effect decays after deactivating pedal /w Buffered Bypass, Trails Off: No effect decay after deactivating pedal /w True Bypass). 44.1k sampling rate. 32 bit sampling accuracy. I/O options: Mono In --> Mono Out Mono In --> Stereo Out Stereo In --> Stereo Out. Inputs: 2 x 6.3 mm mono. Outputs: 2 x 6.3 mm mono. Current draw: 210 mA. Power: optional 9V DC power supply, 2.1 mm barrel plug, polarity: (-) center, min. 300 mA. Dimensions (L x W x H): 106 mm x 96 mm x 53 mm. Weight: 440 g

Parameters and specifications


Delay, Echo, Looper, Reverse


2x FS (tap tempo, Chorus), 2x Selector, Dry, Low Cut, High Cut, Time, F.Back, Wet, P. Pong

True Bypass


UK/EU Power supply included



2x Mono


2x Mono

Power Supply


Made in


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