Strymon OLA dBucket Chorus & Vibrato

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Strymon OLA dBucket Chorus & Vibrato

Chorus effect pedal that features a super-powerful SHARC DSP with 32-bit floating point processing which dedicates all of the horsepower to doing one thing – providing the most lush and organic chorus and vibrato sounds ever heard. It features hand crafted dBucket algorithm for highly accurate reproduction of every stage of an analogue bucket brigade chip, and three modulation types: Single Delay-Line Chorus, Three-Phase Multi Delay-Line Chorus and Vinatge Vibrato Circuit. The first Chorus type is a traditional single-delay-line chorus using the dBucket algorithm – it uses a logarithmic LFO type to create a deep chorus that makes a great transition from lush to pulsing as the speed is increased. The Multi type has three individual dBucket delay sections per channel to create a ‘studio’ chorus effect that handles a high wet mix without sounding warbly. The Vibrato type employs a sinusoidal-type LFO and a single dBucket delay line per channel to capture the essence of the original classic vibrato stomps. The pedal also offers three dynamic modes: Normal, Envelope, Ramp. Other features include a global Tone control for the overall colour of the modulation, Mix control for dialing in the intensity of the modulation, controllable Ramp speed and Envelope sensitivity. The pedal is equipped with ultra low noise, high performance 24-bit 96kHz A/D and D/A converters, analogue dry path for a zero latency dry signal that is never converted to digital and premium analogue front end and output section. It provides a high impedance stereo input and a stereo output, Favourite footswitch for saving the favourite setting, plus an adjustable +/- 3dB boost or cut when the effect is engaged. The +8dBu maximum input level easily handles instrument and line signals. The pedal is a true bypass (electromechanical relay switching) and is powered with a standard 9V centre negative DC supply, 250mA current draw. It features strong and lightweight sky blue anodized aluminium chassis. Typical S/N ratio: 110 dB. Frequency response: 20 Hz-20 kHz.

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Chorus, Phaser, Vibrato


Speed, Mix, Ramp/Env, Depth, Tone

True Bypass


UK/EU Power supply included



1x Stereo


1x Stereo

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