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The TOP 10 most desired items of last year
We love charts and ratings, just like you, so we decided to publish ten of our best-selling categories by 2020. Yes, of course, the most sold item was guitar plectrums but you can't judge a bestseller by the number of pieces sold.

For a good read, you will receive a 10 % discount from us on all 10 categories listed here.
All you have to do is use the code TOP10 in your basket.


Right after the spring lockdown, cycling fever started. Those who did not have another – unwanted – fever, jumoed in the saddle and protected himself with a facemask and protective helmet. Here at Muziker, they climbed to 10th place in sales.

Tourism was KO'd by corona last year, but everyone really wanted to enjoy the summer vacation to the fullest. Paddleboarding is the complete essence of aquatic fun, and our customers have obviously understood this well. Great 9th place.

Health and prevention. The most popular words of 2020. This was reflected in the great interest in medical devices, and the first wave of the pandemic brought them into the top ten.

Mental health is just as important as hand hygiene, and a record number of you tried the relaxing painting by numbers last year. In addition, the result is always a perfect hand-painted picture.

Among the musical instruments, the brand Pasadena was the most successful, boldly renewing its product catalog while keeping excellent prices. With the discount code TOP10 you will reduce them by another 10 %.

Backpacks, bags and rucksacks are such a wide category with so many products that their inclusion in the top ten did not surprise us at all. We offer practical and stylish bags that everyone wants.

Scooters have been experiencing a renaissance in recent years, and last year freestyle models were the fastest selling scooters at Muziker. This new adrenaline sport is clearly on the rise.

I immediately admit that the Boya brand was not the best-selling in the year-round evaluation, but it did not enter our range until late in the autumn and immediately gained a high level of sales. It definitely belongs to the TOP 3.

We were really shocked by their high position, but it seems as though everyone wanted to play the kalimba at the same time. We can only guess that it is due to the relaxing effects of kalimba in music therapy. Anyway, it's a great instrument for everyone.

Hiking became an extremely popular hobby last year. Getting away from the inner city into nature was an escape that everyone needed. Outdoor footwear is an integral part of that. Congratulations!


The code is valid until 24 Jan 2021, 23:59, and can be applied only to in-stock products. 
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