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Quarq Tyrewiz

Cycling Electronics | Product code: 00.3018.205.000 | ID: 388502

Quarq Tyrewiz


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Quarq Tyrewiz

Nothing affects ride comfort more directly than tire pressure. TyreWiz provides users with tire pressure alerts with the SRAM AXS app.


Your tires are the only thing connecting you to the road or trail, and having optimal tire pressure can have more impact on ride comfort than both frame and wheel choice combined. But finding the right tire pressure requires trial and error. TyreWiz is the first-of-its-kind tire pressure sensor for riders of mountain bikes and road bikes, taking the guesswork out of finding that optimal tire pressure. Lightweight and durable, TyreWiz adds only 10 grams to your tires. With an IPX7 waterproof and dustproof rating, you can confidently ride on any type of trail and know that your tire pressure sensor will keep going strong. TyreWiz reports data with +/-2% accuracy at a resolution of .1 PSI; vastly more accurate than any tire pump on the market. TyreWiz monitors air pressure in real-time and relays the data to a cycling computer or a smartphone. That information is relayed to the SRAM AXS app and delivers personalized recommendations and pressure alerts.TyreWiz gives riders access to highly accurate real-time tire pressure data to make decisions that can affect rolling resistance, traction, tire wear, and rider comfort.



  • Compatibility - broadly compatible with tires that use a removable Presta-style valve core.
  • Battery - CR1632 battery, lasts 300 hours
  • Accuracy - data reported with +/- 2% accuracy at .1 PSI resolution
  • Durability - IPX7 waterproof rating
  • Ride Type - designed for road and mountain bike riders
  • Personalization - personalized tire recommendations in the smartphone app for iOS and Android
  • Box includes a valve core removal tool for installation.

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