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Nux Mighty 8 BT

Mini Guitar Combos | Product code: MIGHTY8-BT | ID: 315621

Nux Mighty 8 BT


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Shipped on 2020-11-30

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Nux Mighty 8 BT

8 watt portable guitar amplifier have all the features you need to rock on the streets! Instrument and microphone inputs, effects, Bluetooth connection for broadcasting your music to play along or you can use 3,5 mm aux input. And you can download the free mobile application to reach more exclusive features.

For the guitar input; there are CLEAN, OVERDRIVE and DISTORTION Sound presets you can customize and save your tone on each one. And you can control the Gain and Tone levels, Modulation and Delay effects Rate and Level parameters with master Reverb to use 3 effects simultaneously.

For the Mic input; You can adjust the volume and control the Reverb Send which allows you to adjust the master Reverb for your guitar and microphone separately.

Built-in Drum Machine: There are 9 different style drum beats and a metronome you can play along with. Turn the Drum Volume knob and drum will start playing, you can use the TAP button to set the drum/metronome speed. You can also use the mobile application to control the drum machine.

  • Speaker: 6,5”, 8 W
  • Bluetooth connection
  • 2 x inputs for Instrument and microphone
  • Instrument channel: Clean, Overdrive and Distortion sounds
  • Tone, Level and Modulation/Delay level controls
  • Microphone channel: Level and Reverb effect send controls
  • Drum rhythms and drum level controls
  • TAP TEMPO to adjust the drum speed
  • Master Reverb control
  • Headphone output: 3,5 mm jack
  • Aux input: 3,5 mm jack
  • Micro B USB input
  • Power: DC 12 V or 8 x AA size batteries
  • Colour: Black

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