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Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S25

Master Keyboards up to 25 Keys | Product code: KOMPLETE-KONTROL-S25 | ID: 217459

Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S25

Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S25

Controller for Native Instruments KOMPLETE KONTROL software that combines smart, elegantly-designed keyboard with advanced control software to form a fully integrate centrepiece for studio and stage, providing matchless control over all software instruments from one keyboard. It features bold design, superior build quality and premium Fatar semi-weighted keybed with 25 keys with monotonic aftertouch. Built to last, these keys feature a special plastic blend for both the white and black keys. This means improved glossy surface and longer durability for premium feel and superior appearance. The Native Map technology guarantees that user does not need to worry about mapping KOMPLETE Instrument parameters ever again – each KOMPLETE Instrument was mapped in-house by Native Instruments’ sound designers. All essential parameter names and values load instantly on the Clear View display, and are intuitively grouped into pages. The Light Guide can be further to identify drum cells, key switches, phrases, and more at a glance. In scale mode, notes in the scale light up on the keyboard, with the root lit even brighter – perfect if the user is not a trained keyboard player. In chord or arpeggiator mode, all triggered notes light up when pressing a key, so the user always knows exactly what is happening. Two ultra-sensitive multi-purpose touch strips deliver dynamic performances and can mimic the behavior of pitch and mod wheels, and physical objects like springs and bouncing balls for interesting modulation curves. The arpeggiator turns one note into a full musical performance. Its eight controller knobs manage parameters such as direction, rate, rhythm, patterns, and variations. Best of all, the output of the arpeggiator can be recorded as individual MIDI notes for post-performance editing. The integrated scale mapping features provide an instant access to a world of melody. Activating of a chord mode allows for creating a rich harmonic performance by playing single keys. Chords can be mapped simply by selecting mode and inversion, or by loading up a chord set – ready-to-play progressions to inspire and augment the compositions. The output of KOMPLETE KONTROL’s Smart Play features can be recorded directly into a DAW for further tweaking. Send MIDI to hardware synths and access software instruments and external gear from one controller – a great way to use the arpeggiator; use the Controller Editor to adjust touch strip behaviour, configure keyboard splits with Light Guide visual feedback, and create custom templates. The keyboard can be even used in standalone mode to control one’s favourite hardware – in the studio or on stage. The KOMPLETE KONTROL software and KOMPETE SELECT Instruments and Effects collection is provided as downloads after hardware registration. A power supply unit and USB cable are included. Dimensions: 274.3 x 85.8 x 506.5 mm. Weight: 3.25 kg.

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