Jethro Tull Jethro Tull - The String Quartets

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Jethro Tull Jethro Tull - The String Quartets

Despite being marketed and billed as a Jethro Tull album with the blessing and participation of Ian Anderson himself, this album is not played by Jethro Tull, who didn't exist anymore at that time. This album contains classical renditions of Jethro Tull's standards performed by The Carducci String Quartet.

A1 In The Past (Living In The Past) 4:10
A2 Sossity Waiting (Sossity: You’re A Woman / Reasons For Waiting) 4:45
A3 Bungle (Bungle In The Jungle) 3:49
A4 Ring Out These Bells (Ring Out, Solstice Bells) 3:56
B1 Farm, The Fourway (Farm On The Freeway) 3:44
B2 We Used To Bach (We Used To Know / Bach Prelude C Major) 4:54
B3 Velvet Gold (Velvet Green) 4:07
B4 Pass The Bottle (A Christmas Song) 4:02
C1 Loco (Locomotive Breath) 4:33
C2 Only The Giving (Wond’ring Aloud) 1:58
C3 Songs And Horses (Songs From The Wood / Heavy Horses) 3:53
C4 Aquafugue (Aqualung) 5:13

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