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We only sell high-quality products, most of which are subject to inspection prior to dispatch from our distribution centre. However if despite our best efforts something fails or some defect is found on the purchased product, you have the right to claim warranty.

How do I open a claim?

The easiest way is to log in to your customer account, click Claims and Create a new claim. As registered customer you will have to fill only few details and everything else will be pre-filled.

If you are not registered with us as a customer, you can use any of these forms according to the type of claim you would like to open.

The product is faulty The product arrived with a mechanical damage You have sent me a wrong product Incomplete delivery Undelivered shipment

Immediately after completing the form, you will receive confirmation that you can print out and send it with the goods that will be returned to us. The attached form will help us deal with the case quickly.

Yes. Consumers can file a complaint at any retail location of the seller with respects to the products sold or provided services. Another option is to open a claim via e-mail to .You will receive further instructions in a reply to this request.

Detailed warranty conditions are specified in our

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