121 things that have to be done before your ship sails

Enjoy the season on water without worries

It's time to prepare ships for the upcoming season. The list of tasks depends on the ship you own and the type of sail you are preparing for. We have a list of tasks for you that needs to be done so your ship will be ready to go back on the water.


Download a list of everything that should be checked before the season.


1. Renew the antifouling paint

Protect your ship from fouling, algae and slimes that decrease power and lifespan of your vessel. 

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international antifouling TOP brand


Premium antifouling paints that protect and upgrade the performance of every type of boat.

seajet antifouling Price/Power


Japanese brand Seajet offers lasting antifouling paints with outstanding quality for great prices. 


2. Clean and treat all surfaces

Clean and treat all surfaces so they will be protected from water, oxidation and damages.

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3M cleaning Cleaning without effort


3M products are meant for cleaning, polishing and waxing of laminated (GRP) hulls, iron, plastic and vinyl (artificial leather). They help you to quickly remove scratches, oxidation and signs from water with minimal effort and the least amount of steps needed. 

Star brite cleaning Ecologic 

Star brite

From ship waxes and cleaning products to special care for Teak. Products Star Brite are manufactured from the most quality ingredients using the newest technologies with minimal impact on the environment.


3. Renew the paints

Make your boat prettier with new protective paints, you will prolong its lifespan. 

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international lacquers TOP brand


Colourful and sheer paints from International are synonymous for the highest standard of care for all types of vessels.

epifanes lacquers Extra resistant


High quality resistant and sought out ship paints from Netherland's brand Epifanes uses quality ingredients for renewal and preservation of your ship's beauty. 


4.Seal all the crannies

Your boat has to be sturdy as the Berlin Wall, not only underwater. Even the leakage from above can sink you.

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sika sealants Extra resistant 


Sealants resistant against sweet water, sea water, lime water, wastewater, diluted acids and corrosives are outstanding by their mechanical bonding and compatibility with common materials used for building and maintenance of ships. 


5. Change the oils

The old oil is full of all kinds of dirt, it's fouled by carbon and contains particles of coagulated water. If you did not change the oil before winterizing, now it's the perfect time to do it.

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6. Change the filters

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Change the oil filters. Check and clean the coarse filter in the engine system. Change the fine filter in the engine system if you didn't do it before winterizing. Change the oil filters at the same time as oil and the fuel filters once a season.


Add additives to the fuel

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Special ingredients for fuel will serve as cleaners and preservatives of all the fuel system components.


Change the spark plugs

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The adviced periodicity for the spark plugs change in boat engines is once per season, alternatively every two seasons. If you didn't change them last season, do it now.


Change impeller

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Impeler is an important part of the cooling system of the boat engines. If you didn't change it in the last season, it's needed now to prevent overheating and damage of the engine.



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Change the anodes that are protecting the hull and back engines gearboxes, to prevent the corrosion.

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